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Keystone refreshes website

September 2016

Keystone Property Finance has refreshed its website to make it easier for brokers to identify the different product ranges and generate mortgage illustrations for their clients.

David Whittaker, CEO of Keystone Property Finance commented:

“Over the last year Keystone has grown rapidly with the addition of Auction Finance and a Commercial Mortgage Range. The improved navigation and functionality will better showcase all the products and save brokers time when checking criteria, generating mortgage illustrations and submitting cases.”

“From an in-house perspective, the site now includes an easy content management system, which will allow our marketing team to update and display product information more quickly.”

Although the website is considerably enhanced, Mr Whittaker said that the developers had been careful to ensure that none of the popular features were lost including the Keystone lending map which, as the name suggests, shows the areas throughout Great Britain where Keystone has lent to borrowers.

Brokers like the map because it gives them statistics including averages of loan amounts, LTVs, property values and yields by area.

Earlier this year the lender launched the Keystone Application Submission System (KASS) which allows brokers to submit and track Classic Range cases online


Lending Map

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