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Applications from portfolio landlords

September 2017
  • Any Full Mortgage Application (FMA) submitted today (Friday 29th September) or tomorrow (Saturday 30th September 2017) will be assessed using our current underwriting policy for portfolio landlords.

    This means that a spreadsheet detailing the applicant's entire residential property portfolio will NOT be required at FMA.

  • The Keystone Application Submission System (KASS) will be unavailable on Sunday 1st October 2017

  • Any Full Mortgage Application submitted on or after Monday 2nd October 2017 will be subject to our new underwriting policy for portfolio landlords.

What does this mean?
From Monday 2nd October 2017, Full Mortgage Applications for portfolio landlords must include a spreadsheet of the applicant's residential property portfolio.

Using your client's spreadsheet?
Before submitting the FMA, please email your client's spreadsheet to We will then convert it to the correct format and return it to you to submit with the FMA.

Use Keystone's Portfolio Landlord Spreadsheet
If your client does not have their own spreadsheet, please ask
them to use our template which can be submitted with the FMA.

>> Download Keystone Portfolio Landlord Spreadsheet


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