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A really quick way to work out how much your client can borrow...

January 2017

Looking at a rate from our Classic Range? Work out roughly how much your client can borrow in seconds using our multiplier calculation.

Rent pcm x Multiplier = Approx Loan Amount

It really is as simple as that!

The loan amount produced will give you a reasonably accurate figure*.

Where is the Multiplier?

Every product has two multipliers; one for individual borrowers and one for limited companies. You will find them in the Classic Range product guide.


Choose a rate: Standard BTL, 4.19% 5 year fixed to 80% LTV
Borrower: Limited company
Rent: £1,500 pcm
Multiplier: 229

Approx Loan amount: £1,500 x 229 = £343,500

* Please note that the loan amount produced is an approximate value and should just be used as a guide. The loan amount produced is the limit on borrowing imposed by the rent to interest coverage requirements for the product and borrower type.  This limit is in addition to the Loan to Value restriction (the lower of the two limits will apply) and any other restriction that may be applied in individual circumstances.


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