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We've enhanced our criteria!

We've enhanced our criteria!














As of the 5th of April, we are excited to announce that we have increased the LTV of our standard BTL range to 80%. The decision to increase our maximum LTV from 75% to 80% opens up our standard and green ranges to landlords with smaller deposits.


Following these product changes, we have also made improvements to our lending criteria, as we can now:

  • Lend on HMOs of up to 15 beds and multi-unit properties (MUP) of up to 15 flats, both up from 10 previously.


  • Accept first-time landlords purchasing an HMO property of up to six beds (HMOs were not available to FTBs before) or a multi-unit property of up to six flats (up from four previously).


  • Lend to retired ex-pat applicants, who can choose from our separate new range with rates starting at 3.34%.


As well as enhancing our criteria, we have also improved our cashback offering from a maximum of £3,000 to a maximum of £5,000. The new cashback tiers are as follows:


  • £1,250 for loans between £150,000 - £400,000;
  • £2,000 for loans between £400,001 - £750,000;
  • £3,000 for loans between £750,001 - £1,000,001;
  • £4,000 for loans between £1,000,001- £1,500,000;
  • £5,000 for loans between £1,500,001 - £2,000,000.


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If you have any queries about our enhanced criteria, do call the broker hotline on 0345 148 9086 or email