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Protect your clients from DocuSign scams

Protect your clients from DocuSign scams















With fraudsters stepping up their efforts it is so important that you keep yourself and your client’s personal data as safe as possible throughout this turbulent time.


It has been reported by CIFAS that a new phishing scam that targets customers by using a malicious link to a document that looks like a Docusign login page. Once this link is clicked on it allows the fraudsters to then steal the recipient’s credentials.


We require the signature of applicant(s) on any mortgage offers and Direct Debit Mandates to be via DocuSign and wanted to just outline what your client can expect to receive from us:


  1. Your client will receive an email from DocuSign which will have been sent by Keystone Property Finance, this will include a button to the document (DDM or Mortgage Offer).


  1. The client will then be directed to a SMS authentication page, in which they will receive a verification code to enter. 


  1. They will then be able to review and sign the document.


  1. Once the document has been reviewed and signed the applicant will receive a confirmation email.


You can find a copy of our handy ‘How to sign your mortgage offer and complete your DDM using DocuSign’ on our website here.


Please note that our completions team occasionally use Adobe Sign for other documents. This will come from Adobe and will be sent directly to the applicant; a note will be left on the

 portal to let you know that the document has been sent to the applicant.


If you are ever in doubt, please contact our team who will be able to verify whether the email is from us or advise otherwise. You can contact the team by ringing our broker hotline 0345 148 9086.