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Physical Valuations Update

Physical Valuations Update
















Following government announcements in line with the second national lockdown, physical valuations are continuing to be undertaken in England and Wales following strict guidance from RICS.


The government guidelines set out what precautions are needed when working in other people’s properties. These include:


  • 2m social distancing should be maintained at all times 
  • Asking households to leave all internal and external doors and windows open to minimise contact and leave loft hatches open with the ladder down if there is one
  • Communication with residents before any meetings to set out social distancing and hygiene measures to be followed
  • No works should be carried out if either residents or inspectors have any Coronavirus symptoms, are isolating or shielding


If these requirements are not met and the valuer has to abort the valuation either before starting or during the valuation then the fee will not be refunded.


Safety is still so important to help keep the infection rate down, therefore valuers will be working on putting processes in place to ensure the safety of their employees and the tenants.


Due to the restrictions that need to be implemented valuations will probably take up to 10 working days or longer dependent on property type.


Please find below the specific guidance notes from our valuers which outline their protocol for valuations to take place:


Connells guidance notes for valuation inspections >>


Allied guidance notes for valuation inspections >>


Gateway guidance notes for valuation inspections >>