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As of today, we have now launched our new range of products. We’ve reduced our 2 year-fixed rates by 10 basis points and 5-year fixed rates by 25 basis points in addition to removing our 3-year fixed rates in both the standard and specialist product ranges.


Our 5-year fixed rates now start from 2.99% and the 2-year rates now from 2.89%.


The cashback offerings were withdrawn from the market at 11.59pm on the 2nd September and are no longer available to brokers.


Following a recent announcement from the FCA that LIBOR is to be phased out by the end of 2021 and replaced by SONIA, we have decided to change the reversion rate of our products to link them to Bank Base Rate from today. The new reversion rate will run across all our products and will be Bank Base Rate + 4.99%.


Commenting on the release, CEO, David Whittaker said:

“SWAP rates have been sitting lower than expected which has enabled Keystone to offer brokers new products which allow their clients to lock into lower rates whilst the market faces uncertainty over the next 3 months.

Keystone are one of the first lenders to make the move from LIBOR to Bank Base Rate following upcoming changes to the market. I expect many more to make this move over the next year or so. As always we will continue to listen to brokers feedback and where possible we will adjust to meet their requirements.”


To submit an AIP using these new rates visit the MyKeystone system today. Brokers must be registered with Keystone before submitting an AIP, register here.