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Independent Legal Advice now accepted via video call

Independent Legal Advice now accepted via video call














Ensuring the safety of our staff, brokers and clients is the of the upmost importance to us which is why we have been finding new ways to help you and your landlord clients with their cases. We are happy to announce that we will now accept Independent Legal Advice for limited company applications, ex-pat or UK, via video call.


To ensure the process works correctly the guarantor must sign the form while in the video call and in front of the solicitor, who will be at the other end of the video call. The guarantor will need to have an English-speaking witness with them throughout the video call who will then be required to fill in their details where needed on the form.


The guarantor will then need to send the original form to the solicitor who gave them the ILA for them to complete. 


If you have any questions then please call our broker hotline on: 0345 148 9086