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How to protect yourself from cyber attacks

How to protect yourself from cyber attacks

















At this turbulent time, cyber criminals and fraudsters are stepping up their efforts to attack individuals as well as companies. We wanted to share a few ways in which you can protect yourself and your clients:


  1. Do not click links, open attachments or act on contents within an email that you aren’t expecting.


  1. Make sure you know who you are speaking to, fraudsters may call pretending to be someone they are not. If you are unsure who you are speaking with then terminate the call and find the correct number for the company to confirm that the call was genuinely from them.


  1. Do not give out personal details (bank details, address, existing insurance/pension/investment details).


  1. Be wary of communications purporting to be about the coronavirus and buying goods online.


  1. Make sure your passwords are secure for any online accounts and where possible set up a two-factor authentication to give an added layer of security. Do not share these with anyone.


Find out more about how to protect yourself and how to stop potential Coronavirus scams visit the FCA website here: