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Business Development Managers Case Review

Business Development Managers Case Review














It is important that we continue to support our brokers and their landlord clients as much as possible at this time, which is why our Business Development Managers (BDMs) are not only helping you with your complex buy to let enquiries, but are also now reviewing submitted cases.


Our BDMs will be checking the case details following the FMA submission to ensure your case fits within our lending criteria and enable them to resolve any questions on your application at an earlier stage. This will potentially stop cases being declined once it reaches the underwriting team. Once the case has been successfully reviewed by a BDM it will then be passed through to our processing and underwriting teams.


Please note that the BDM review is purely a sense check of the case and is not part of the underwriting process.


If you have a complex buy to let case which you would like to discuss then get in touch with our team on 0345 148 9086 or email