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4 Tips To Improve Your EPC Rating

4 Tips To Improve Your EPC Rating














This month our Managing Director, Elise Coole, was delighted to be invited to take part in the Green Agenda panel debate at the Specialist Lending events. The debate was extremely well received by the broker audience who were seeking more information about the EPC legislation as well as what changes can be made to properties to help increase energy efficiently.

The government has proposed that from April 2025, any property let out by landlords to new tenants will require an EPC rating of C or above. With all existing tenancies to comply by 2028. With no confirmation of this deadline, it is important that landlords look at what improvements they can begin to make to prepare for the changes.

Therefore, we wanted to share our 4 tips to help you and your landlords’ clients improve and save energy on their BTL property.


4 Tips to Improve your EPC Rating:


  1. Install Energy-Efficient Lighting.

Replacing your old incandescent bulbs with energy-efficient bulbs, is a quick and easy way to score a few extra points on your EPC rating.


  1. Glazing

If you have single glazed windows, upgrading to new double glazed will make your EPC rating higher by several points. Double glazing doesn’t add as many points as loft or wall insulation, but if you do not have double glazing, it could improve your score by up to 10 points.

Triple glazing will further reduce the amount of heat that escapes through the windows, however the improvement on the EPC score will be minimal.


  1. Loft Insulation

The simplest way to improve your EPC rating is to ensure your loft insulation is 270mm thick. This can improve the score by 10-15 points, whilst even a top up on existing insulation can get 2-5 points.

Good loft insulation will reduce the energy that can escape through the roof.


  1. Replace your old boiler

Upgrading your boiler to a new model may be costly but will massively improve your rating by 5-20 points depending on the age of the current system.



Important Information; Documents


If your property has an EPC certificate already but you have made further improvements that would impact the rating, ensure you have all documentations to show the EPC assessors. If the work installed is inaccessible, assumptions could be made which would impact your score negatively. With documentations, an assessor is able to confirm the work has been carried out, improving your rating significantly.


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