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10 steps to a successful application

10 steps to a successful application


















1. Complete an AIP and a full mortgage application on MyKeystone

  • Ensure that you complete the applicants full name, address covering the last 3 years, date of birth and other personal details required for a credit check. 


2. Pay the application and valuation fee when requested

  • To submit a full mortgage application the non-refundable application fee of £145 will need to be paid.
  • The valuation fee can be paid and instructed prior to the application being underwritten, or wait until after underwriting.  


3. Submitting client documents

  • Once the application has been submitted please upload the documents detailed below and any additional documents requested once reviewed by the underwriters.


4. Proof of income needs to be provided and certified by you

  • Experienced landlords - proof of rental income being declared to HMRC

  • Employed applicants - latest P60 and last 3 months payslips

  • Self-employed applicants - last 2 years SA302's & online tax calculations and overviews.

  • Retired applicants - evidence their income (latest pension statement or P60).

  • Trading Ltd Co's - 2 years full trading accounts


5. Remember to get documents certified

  • If we cannot electronically identify the applicant, we will require certified proof of ID, address and two months bank statements or latest personal mortgage statement. 
  • Certified documents should be signed, dated, marked with 'Certified to be a true copy of the original seen by me and a true likeness of the individual' and must show the name, address, occupation and contact details of the person certifying.

 6. Portfolio landlord requirements

  • We ask for a portfolio spreadsheet to be uploaded for all applicants who own 4 or more mortgaged buy to let properties after this application, which will then be stress tested.

    Download our portfolio spreadsheet today>>


7. Can we find the mortgaged properties on a credit search?

  • If the applicants mortgaged properties cannot be identified on a credit search, we will require proof of mortgage payments for the last 12 months.

8. Proof of rental agreement

  • We do not normally ask for an AST agreement, but where requested please ensure that you send the full signed AST document

9. Have you got the correct documents for the property

  • If the property being remortgaged is an HMO then we will request a copy of the HMO Licence.

  • If it is a purchase we will require evidence that the applicant has applied for part 1 of the HMO Licence.

  • Correct planning permission documents will be required where necessary along with the gas, electrical, fire and EPC documents.

  • If the property is in Wales we require proof that the property is registered with Rent Smart Wales.

 10. Case updates & notes

  • Brokers can add a note to applications via MyKeystone. If there is something that you need to advise the underwriter to make the deal clearer, then please add a note.