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Remortgage for multi-unit property worth 1.1m

Remortgage for multi-unit property worth 1.1m

We were approached by a broker whose client, a landlord with a property in London, was looking to remortgage to raise capital for another buy to let purchase.

The property is valued at just over £1m and is a multi-unit property with 4 self-contained flats.

The client was looking for just a 60% loan to value, Keystone were able to offer the brokers client a £2,500 cashback with a five year fixed rate product.

Why Keystone?

✔ Multi-units – up to 10 flats

Maximum loan amount - £1m


Terms offered:

Property value: £1.1m

Loan amount: £700,000

LTV: 60%

Rate: 3.44% 5 Year Fixed

Cashback amount: £2,500

Broker proc fee: 0.7% (£4,900)