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Summary: A self-employed IT consultant was looking to expand his small property portfolio with the purchase of two flats. He was looking to purchase these flats via his SPV Ltd Co. The flats had recently been converted from a high street commercial unit. As both flats were individually valued below £50k, the landlord was hoping to secure finance from a lender which would value against the freehold of the property instead of the individual flats.




Why Keystone?
✔ Keystone will value against the freehold of the property

✔ Same pricing for individuals, SPVs and trading limited companies

✔ Self-employed applicants accepted

✔ Multi-units up to 10 flats



Broker proc fee: £515 (0.7% of loan amount)


Property value:

Loan amount:

75% LTV

4.09% 5-year fixed rate

25 years

Lender arrangement fee:
2% of the loan amount (£1,470)

125% @ 4.09%

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