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5 year fixed rate on buy to let purchase for an SPV

5 year fixed rate on buy to let  purchase for an SPV

Directors of an SPV Limited Company looking to purchase a 3-bed semi-detached buy to let property in the South East.

One of the directors is a portfolio landlord with 8 buy to let properties and the other has one other rental property.

The broker approached us as his clients were looking for a 5-year fixed deal to protect themselves against potential rate rises. Keystone offered the client a 75% loan to value at 3.29% fixed for 5 years.

The case progressed smoothly to offer as the broker uploaded required documents at the time of application.

Why Keystone?

 SPV Limited Companies

Portfolio landlords

Stress the whole portfolio on 125% @ 5.5%

 10% over-payment available of the outstanding capital balance


Terms offered: 

Property value: £450,000

Loan amount: £337,000

LTV: 75%

Rate: 3.29% 5 year fixed