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About Us

Keystone Property Finance is an intermediary-only, specialist buy to let lender owned by The Property Business Group. 


Originally established as Keystone Buy to Let Mortgages in 2005 by David Whittaker, then managing director of Mortgages for Business, funding was provided by Bradford & Bingley. Keystone withdrew from the market in 2008 due to the financial crisis having lent over £200m. 


Four years later, as the buy to let lending market recovered, Keystone was relaunched in April 2012 using third party funding from two different lenders originating over £400m of BTL lending.


On 10th September 2018 Keystone Property Finance became a lender in its own right and launched a range of fixed rate buy to let mortgages.


Keystone is particularly good at understanding and assisting brokers who have complex buy to let enquiries they are struggling to place. Our external and internal business development managers are well known for going the extra mile for all their brokers, negotiating more complex cases which are then processed successfully through our in-house underwriting team.


Regularly out on the road, our friendly BDMs take the time to get to know brokers in their area, through face to face meetings, phone calls and emails. To get a better understanding of our products and services, why not arrange a meeting with your local BDM today?


Keystone also features on most networks and mortgage clubs, giving brokers easy access to all our products.


To produce an illustration, submit and AIP or even a full application, you will need to register with us through the MyKeystone portal. As a company we make sure that any commission payments are made within three days of completion and these are referenced properly to help keep your records in order.